Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giving props to the Montvale Lanes crew...click the link below.

Before I left for Montreal, I got a friend request on Facebook from Bobby who has known my family since I was a teenager.  Well tonight as I was finishing up some tasks @ my job, I was reminded of it, so I delved in and low and behold, there were the slew of the people I have spent every Tuesday night for the past 4 years (not including the 2008-09 season and summers) bowling along side some of these folks.  Leigh was the barmaid (as I'm sure she still is until she finishes her R.N.), Keith (who's rev rate when he releases his ball is something that would probably take me years to accomplish if I practice every day), his wife Sara who's more accurate on the lanes that I've been, Keith's bro Travis who's one of the funniest guys to bowl against.  He makes a night of bowling that much cooler.  There's also the Filipino crew like Jun and Randy amongst others.  I used to be in Filipino Leagues growing up as some of these awesome bowlers have known me for over half my life.  It was cool to see fellow Flips on a weekly basis.  Then of course there's Mike, Matt, and Ray:  My former teammates and for all intensive purposes, the best people a guy can ever bowl with.  I had 2 awesome seasons bowling with them:  They helped me improve my game to the point of finally bringing my average over 200 which I will always be grateful for. 

Anyway, I had to leave this game I love so much this past season because I had to focus on my career (which I am still in the process of doing) and in the midst of it, I moved upstate to Kingston.  Let me tell you, not a single Tuesday night during the season rolls by that I don't think of The Montvale Major League:  The best league I was ever a part of.  I miss going there and spending between 9:30 - Midnight with the people there...I think about it all the time.  I hope you guys realize how much of a positive influence you all have been to me.  I have just recently picked up my ball again after leaving them dusting for many months because (quite frankly) it isn't the same for me if I'm not bowling in my favorite bowling alley just a stone's throw from the NY/NJ Border on Route 304.  I intend on cranking it hard this summer as I re-establish my game.  Hopefully I can find a way to work my schedule so that I can bowl in that league again:  That Tuesday night league that I loved being a part of so much...

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